The Vintage Heavy brand is steeped in tradition, quality and craftsmanship.  Inspired by the intersection of art, nature, music, technology and fashion, the name is a testament to that design philosophy. Known as the "Denim Champs," VH believes in making garments that are both functional and timeless.  We respect the time-honored methods of Americana engineering while utilizing fabrics imported from Japan.  Every garment is produced in Los Angeles, helping to ensure our pride in American excellence. Constructed for durability, comfort and style, the VH brand creates an effortlessly modern approach to menswear and everyday dressing.

Vintage Heavy Creative Director Jason Geter is known for his utilitarian approach to fashion with a stylistic eye for details. As with his previous label, Strivers Row, Geter believes in elements of simplicity, functionality and creative consistency, as well as finding beauty in the richness of history. The visionary subscribes to the universally acknowledged truth that the more aged and beaten up denim gets, the better it feels and looks. 

   Geter is often referred to as a "Brand Architect" having contributed to the careers of many of today's Pop icons such as Travis Scott, T.I., Iggy Azalea and Big Boi of Outkast, just to name a few.  As a designer he believes that this expertise gives him a competitive advantage by making him more mindful of his customers tastes; but trusts that the consumer loves the product because of his investment in experience, skill, presentation and manufacturing processes.  Season to season, Geter is committed to leading VH in new directions, including brand collaborations, as well as fostering the relationship between culture and commerce.